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Ecotourism Tasmania

 Showcasing the best of Tasmania’s Natural Environment

Forest Walks Lodge near Deloraine in northern Tasmania was built by husband and wife partnership Sean Cadman and Rosemary Norwood. It is situated on the Great Western Tiers in northern Tasmania to showcase some of the most diverse forested environments in Tasmania. The provision of comfortable guesthouse accommodation close to nature provides guests a genuine Tasmanian nature and wildlife experience. Our hospitality is well regarded.

We provide visitors and travelers to Tasmania with a quality experience which focuses on engagement with the Tasmanian natural and cultural environment. The small scale of our establishment means we ensure all our guests have a quality personal experience. We enjoy interacting with our guests and sharing our knowledge of Tasmania’s unique natural environment as well as its excellent food and wine.

We are ideally located for a peaceful and relaxing time away from the stress of modern city living or for access to some great walks along the Great Western Tiers.

The principles of eco tourism

We aim to demonstrate best practice environmental management, both in the management of our property, the design of our buildings and the structure of our guided walks. We are more than willing to share our experiences and also our local knowledge with anyone who is interested. This expereince is the culmination of three decades of working in conservation politics, planning and environmental assessment.

We have placed a conservation covenant on our property to protect the forest and wildlife for the future. Several of Tasmania’s threatened bird and marsupial species are resident or frequent frequent visitors and rare forest communities grow on the property.

The house was built using solar passive design principles, recycled and environmentally sustainable materials with a solar renewable energy system and solar hot water. Solar electricity is supplemented with power from a water turbine. Our architect, builder and almost all the trades and crafts people who worked on our house are locals and we have decorated the house with beautiful art and craft work from local artists. The art trail on the property is the legacy of successive Forest festivals which we have hosted.

The meals at Forest Walks Lodge are prepared using organic produce from the garden and additional food from our local district to ensure low food miles and fresh quality food. We recycle all our waste, including all water from the house, and use environmentally friendly cleaning products. Our orchard soaks up the nutrient rich water from our biolytix waste water treatment system.

We have 34 hectares of land on the south side of Quamby Bluff on the Great Western Tiers most of which is under a conservation covenant because of its high biodiversity values. On the property and adjacent to it are some interesting and rare oldgrowth forest communities. The property also has a wide range of birds, many of them endemic as well as most of Tasmania’s animal species. It has been dedicated as Land for Wildlife.

Forest Walks Lodge - eco Accommodation and guided walks Deloraine TasmaniaForest Walks Lodge - eco tourism venture in northern Tasmania with guided walks and eco tours.Forest Walks Lodge - organic food served to guests at this eco accommodation near Deloraine in northern TasmaniaForest Walks Lodge eco Accommodation Deloraine Tas