Guided Forest Walks

Forest Walks Lodge is surrounded by forests with a unique assembly of plants and birdlife. Sean Cadman, your host and guide is an ecologist with 30 years experience in interpreting the natural forests of Tasmania. He guides walks for our guests and any other visitors to the district interested in this unique opportunity to learn all about our ecology. Guided walks depart daily on request, but please let us know beforehand if you can if you would like a guided walk so we can make the necessary arrangements. If you book a room in the guesthouse you can add a forest walks from the Booking Menu Alternatively book a package which includes all your meals and a forest walk to suit you interest and ability.

The Tasmanian environment is unique in Australia and the geology of the Great Western Tiers underpins the unique forests surrounding us. On the Great Western Tiers there are many unique micro environments which inlcude rainforest gullies, raised ancient fossil sea beds, alpine vegetation and tall wet eucalypt forest. During a guided walk with Sean you will learn all about the regenerative processes of these forests and their ecological foundations.

All but one of the endemic Tasmanian bird species either reside or visit, often breeding through the summer months. It is not so unusual to see falcons teaching the young one to fly, pardelots perched above the riverbank guarding their nests and a flock of sulphur crested black cockatoos tearing the rotting logs in the forest apart.