Fly Fishing

Forest Walks Lodge is bordered by a natural stream with brown trout in deep pools. It is suitable for fishing with a small rod but this takes some skill due to the size of the stream. It is one of three small streams within the valley.
Nearby Huntsman Lake is well stocked with trout and has become increasingly popular with anglers over the past few years. It is suitable for beginners. Forest Walks Lodge is the nearest accommodation to Huntsman Lake.
Book a package which includes all meals and experience the daily joy of standing knee deep in fresh water chasing the trout in the knowledge that all your other needs are taken care of.
Fly fishing opportunities near-by

The Meander River and some of the nearby highland lakes are also great for fishing. For the Meander River you will need waders. We work with local fly fishing guides who give tuition to beginners and discuss the local fishing hot spots with other anglers.

“I recall being quietly amazed that barely two hundred metres from the lodge lay every flyfisherman’s paradise… a stunning, small, quintessentially Tasmanian stream, in places only a few metres wide and, unforgettably pristine, gin-clear water, the clarity was such that every stone could been seen. And when turned over, these stones revealed a profusion of sub-aquatic life… a great mixture of nymphs, caddis, and water-snails. “

Vince, Melbourne, November 2010.