Walking Tracks along the Great Western Tiers

Pine Lake

Pine Lake is situated in the Central Plateau World Heritage Area and you will pass it on a drive along the Mountain Lakes Rd from Hobart to the north. From the highway there is a board walk with an interpretation of Tasmania’s highly specialised alpine vegetation. This is a real treat for those no longer, or not yet, able to access the wilderness on a longer walk with a back pack. There are spectacular flowerings of wild flowers in the early summer and a variety of endemic Tasmanian plants and animals. It is about 40 minutes drive from the Lodge.

Liffey Falls

Liffey Falls is an excellent family walk approximately 35 kms, (40 minutes) away. There are two tracks, an easy 45 minute walk from the upper car park and a longer walk from the lower car park. Additional information on the tracks is available at the Lodge.

Meander Falls

Meander Falls is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Tasmania. It is a 6 hour return walk and is 15kms (20minutes) drive from Forest Walks Lodge. It is at its most spectacular in winter when it is often frozen but spring rains usually swell the streams at its source

Warners Track

Warners Track is a 6 hour return walk from the Lodge or a 10 mins drive followed by a 5 hour return walk. From Adams Peak at the top of the track on a clear day you can see about one third of the land mass of Tasmania.

Quamby Bluff

Quamby Bluff, accessed directly from the Lodge. A traverse of Quamby Bluff will take about 7 hours and involves scrambling across some large rock scree on the top. Good boots, previous bush walking experience and a party of four for safety would be recommended. You will need to organise to have a car at the end of the walk to bring you back to the Lodge. Alternatively dropping your bicycles at the end of the track and riding them back (25kms) would make the day a legendary feat of physical activity.