Forest Walks Lodge COVIDsafe Plan

Your hosts at Forest Walks Lodge are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. We hope you are too. If not please let us know so we can make appropriate arrangements to keep ourselves and our other guests safe. Guests are respectfully requested to cancel their booking if they have any COVID-19 symptoms before travelling. Stay at home if you are unwell. Cancellations due to COVID-19 will attract no penalty.

Manage the risks of a person contracting or spreading COVID-19 in the accommodation place.

For the summer and autumn of 2021- 22 Forest Walks Lodge will only allow one couple, one person or one family or group travelling together to book in at the same time. This means there will be no mingling of guests in common spaces.

Risk: Infected guest.

There will be a sign on door stating that anyone with COVID-19 symptoms must inform hosts of their situation. If the guest arriving has symptoms they will be asked to stay in their car while the host contacts the CovidHotline for advice. Depending on the advice and the guest situation they will be booked for an appointment for a COVID-19 test and given space to isolate until the test results come back.

There will be a form to fill in identifying any risk guests may have encountered of becoming infected with COVID-19. Steps to isolate and mask wearing will in instituted accordingly.

No-one who arrives with COVID-19 symptoms will be allowed to stay unless they are willing to get tested as soon as possible. They must remain in their room with any companions they are travelling with and only access the outside from their room door onto the patio. As hosts we will attempt to communicate with and provide food in a safe way.

Anyone who develops symptoms during their stay will be asked to isolate and also get tested as soon as possible. We will help to arrange this.
If possible and government support is available guests will be asked to leave. Otherwise guests will be asked to make alternative arrangements as soon as possible.
Free refunds/cancellations without penalty provisions will be available.

Risk: Infected visitor.

Inform friends that visits can only go ahead if they are completely well.

Risk: Infected host (Rosemary and/or Sean).

If hosts develops COVID-19 symptoms guest visits will be cancelled. Free refunds/cancellations without penalty provisions also advertised.

Guests will be re-booked for another date or with other local accommodation providers, where this is possible.

Risk: Infected Contractor.

Inform contractors that their entry and work can only go ahead if they are completely well.
Sign on door stating no-one with COVID-19 symptoms can enter.

Implement and maintain a cleaning schedule across the accommodation place.

  • Maintain usual routine cleaning and sanitising related to food preparation and washing up etc.
  • Maintain usual daily bathroom cleaning routine.
  • Additional cleaning/sanitising:

All door handles and light switches wiped down with disinfectant before guests arrive.

Common area door handles disinfected twice more each day (mid morning, mid afternoon)

Backs of dining chairs disinfected before and after breakfast or any other meals eaten on site.

Host will sanitise utensils, plates etc after guest use (not standard protocol)

Wash bedding and towels in hot wash.

Have good hygiene procedures and practices (such as washing and/or sanitising of hands)

  • Maintain usual routine Host cleanliness (hand washing, gloves when cleaning)

Additionally, wear gloves at all times while setting table and preparing meals – do not touch face etc.

Have a hand sanitising/washing station set up foyer (where guests enter) and request they wash or sanitise hands on entry.

Invite guests to refill their own small sanitiser containers from bulk dispenser.

Ensure workers who have been instructed to quarantine or self-isolate don’t come to the workplace

  • Not applicable as we have no employees.

Make sure physical distancing requirements are met by guests, contractors and others entering, leaving or moving around the workplace.

  • Guests must socially distance when conversing or otherwise interacting with hosts.
  • Guests travelling together do not have to socially distance from each other.
  • There will only be one group travelling together allowed at Forest Walks Lodge at the one time.

Provide information and instruction to other people who attend the workplace about how they are to comply with your processes and procedures, and make sure they apply them.

  1. The Forest Walks Lodge COVIDsafe Plan will be uploaded on the business website and the details included as additional house rules on all external booking channels used.
  2. The Forest Walks Lodge COVIDsafe Plan will be advertised on social media business profiles